# Developing Igor

# Requirements

If you not only want to extend igor but modify its core, you can do this by following these steps.

To ease development of igor's frontend, which is written in Vue.js 3, you should install Node.js 18.12.1 LTS (or a later version) in addition to Java 17.

To execute the end-to-end tests you have to install Docker (opens new window) as well.

# Backend

The first step is to check out igor's source code from GitHub:

$> git clone https://github.com/arassec/igor.git

Next build the whole project using java (including the end-to-end tests using the maven profile e2e):

$> ./mvnw clean install -Pe2e

You can start igor now with the following main class from within your IDE:


The backend's REST API will now be available under: http://localhost:8080/api

# Frontend

In order to start the frontend you have to change to the frontend directory and run:

$> npm install
$> npm run serve

The frontend is now available under: http://localhost:8081/

# End-To-End Tests

During the build, the Cypress (opens new window) end-to-end tests are executed by maven if the profile e2e is set.

To run the tests locally, execute the following in the project's e2e directory:

$> npm install
$> npm run env:up

This will install necessary software and start required services using the docker-compose.yml file provided in the directory.

You can then execute the end-to-end tests manually by starting the backend and frontend as described above, and finally starting the Cypress frontend:

$> npm run cypress:local

If you modify igor, you should make sure those tests still pass, by activating the e2e profile during the build.