# Installation

All possible ways of installing igor are listed below.


After installation, igor's web interface will be available at: http://localhost:8080/ (opens new window)

# Docker

The latest, stable version of igor is available as docker image under the :latest tag.

# use docker to get the latest, stable version:
$> docker run --name igor -p8080:8080 arassec/igor

# Spring-Boot Executable Jar

Igor uses Spring-Boot and during the build process an executable JAR ist created. You can simply download it and run it from the console. Java 11 is required in order to start igor.

# download the executable jar from GitHub
$> wget https://github.com/arassec/igor/releases/download/0.5.0/igor-standalone-0.5.0.jar
# Start the jar with java
$> java -jar igor-standalone-0.5.0.jar 

# From Source

In order to build igor from source, Java 11 needs to be installed. The application is compiled as Spring-Boot fat jar, containing all its dependencies.

# get the sources from GitHub:
$> git clone https://github.com/arassec/igor.git

# build igor
$> cd igor && ./mvnw clean install

# run the application
$> java -jar igor-standalone/target/igor-0.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar